Yeotown Kitchen

More than just a healthy café, Yeotown Kitchen: Fuel for Body & Mind embodies the Yeotown ethos of the importance of cultivating both physical and mental health for truly optimised wellbeing; Strong in Body, Clear in Mind! Our Scratch Kitchen, Meditation Station & Juice Bar space hosts both a take-away side and an eat-in table service. If you’re on the go, head straight to the take-away counter where you can grab delicious, nutritious food, organic coffees and specialty lattes alongside handmade custom smoothies and organic freshly pressed juices. If you have more time, we invite you to take a seat, relax and let your senses revel in the mindful surroundings, healthy food and detoxifying tonics. All while being looked after by our friendly Yeotown Kitchen team.
Alongside a thoughtfully-concocted food and beverage menu, the two-level space includes our unique, trend setting “Meditation Station” with mood-boosting meditation pods to nurture the mind & spirit. Customers can relax and recharge with any of Yeotown’s 5-minute guided meditations including:
The Basic Break: For a quick rejuvenation in mind, body and being
The Bravery Break: For a boost of courage
and confidence (perhaps pre-meeting/ presentation/date?)
The Beauty Break: To encourage self-love and finding beauty within
The Brain Break: To soothe anxiety, gain better clarity and perspective
The Balance Break: To restore focus, direction and equilibrium

Elements of positive psychology and personal touches are infused throughout every aspect of the ambiance and décor of the space, with loving attention paid to detail. Thoughtfully integrated messages complement carefully crafted products, with drinks and dishes named after character strengths such as Patience, Courage, and Creativity.

We are so very thankful to everyone who has supported us over the years, and we could not be more happy with how wonderful the first Yeotown Kitchen has turned out. Special thanks to Carla Conte and her talented team at Brand Creative for designing such a beautifully unique and inviting space which perfectly reflects the Yeotown brand and its vision.

We do hope you can make some time to come and visit us soon!
Opening hours are:
Mon-Fri:  0730 – 2100
Sat:           0900 – 1900
Sun:          0900 – 1800
We look forward to welcoming you to our new London outpost and hope you can come by and enjoy this next phase of the Yeotown experience.
Location: 40-42 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7QN
T: 0207 935 4085